Why Surfing in Malta?

Undoubtedly one of the finest destinations in the Mediterranean, windsurfing and SUP in Malta is growing in popularity every summer. This is why so many locals and holiday makers choose to indulge in this sport during the summer. Thanks to Malta’s sub-tropical stunning climate due to its central Mediterranean location between Sicily and North Africa, the sea off the coast of this island is beautifully warm and pleasant throughout the year. At just over 300 square kilometres, all of Malta’s the best windsurfing and SUP spots on the island are easily accessible and can be enjoyed in a few days.

So why choose Surfing Malta? Windsurfing in Malta and Gozo is an exhilarating and challenging sport that allows enthusiasts and beginners to enjoy the delights of Malta’s coasts from an entirely different perspective. Malta is located only 90km south of Sicily, and is linked via excellent air and sea travel links to Europe, Africa and Asia and the rest of the world via connecting flights.

Malta boasts a stunning and warm climate all year round; long hot summers and mild winters are characteristic of the island, and there are few tides.

Some of the most popular spots for windsurfing and SUP in Malta are also some of the most breathtaking, and are ideal for many other water sports and activities including sailing, kayaking, harbour cruises, snorkeling, diving and more. Ghallet Marku is no doubt one of the most famous spots for windsurfing and SUP in Malta; located along the northern coastline between Salina and Mellieha. Favourable winds in this area are common and so surfers are a popular sight just off shore.

Malta boasts a large and accommodating variety of windsurfing locations for all skills and challenges, from flat calm waters perfect for windsurfing beginners to more challenging rocky areas where the wind is higher. Mellieha Bay in the North and St. Thomas Bay in Marsascala at the opposite end of the island offer similar and varied conditions for all windsurfing levels.