St. Thomas Bay Marsascala


St. Thomas Bay is situated around 1 km (10 minute walk) from the centre of Marsascala and is ideal for windsurfing. Access to St. Thomas Bay in Marsascala is easier since the recent opening of the Marsascala bypass. It offers good windsurfing condition, Depending on wind direction. It is ideal for all windsurfing levels from beginner to advanced. It can offer flat water speed blasting when the direction is from Southwest to West, choppy conditions from South to Southeast and very nice waves when it is From Southeast to North winds. Waves can get really big but ith the difference that they ar slower than Mellieha bay. There is a very easy entrance and exit from the water due to the little sandy beach on the left side of the bay and most of the time it is onshore wave riding. It is sailable from force 3 to force 8.