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Wing Foiling Lesson - 2hr

This course is an introduction to Wing Foiling and combines both land and sea experience.

Wing Foiling Lesson - 2hr

Weather Dependent Weather Dependent
16+ 16+
2hr 2hr

Wing Foiling Lessons

If you’d like to learn to wing foil we have lesson plans available.

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice with no experience in any wind-powered watersports or whether you already are an accomplished practitioner in windsurfing or kiteboarding looking to explore something new – we have a lesson plan suitable for you.

Wing Foiling 

Part One - Land Session (0-30min): Theory,  setting up the wing, safety, how to fly and maneuver the wing on land 

Part Two - Water Session 1 (31-60min): - Power and depowering the Wing, starting position (kneeling to water start ) wing and board position in the water, basic sailing on non foiling board (sup) and basic jibe.

Part Three - Water Session 2 (61-120min): Introduction to sailing upwind, sailing crosswind and downwind,  and turning (tacks and jibes), setting the foil, learning to wing on a foilboard , pumping the wing to pick up speed and first flights
What's included?

- Basic safety
- Setting of the wing
- Wing control on land
- Wing control on big board (sup)
- Steering the board
- Standing up on the board
- Sailing in different directions on the board (taxiing)
- Tacking and Jibing on the board
- Setting up the foil,
- Sailing on board (foil board) with the hydrofoil
- First flights.


2hr Lesson: €100.00 pp  



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