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Wing Foiling Course

This course is an introduction to Wing Foiling. The course is 6 lessons of 1hr each.

Wing Foiling Course

Weather Dependent Weather Dependent
16+ 16+
6hr 6hr

Wing Foiling Course 

Wing foiling in Malta is a dynamic and rapidly growing water sport that offers an exciting way to connect with the elements. Whether you're drawn to it for the thrill of gliding effortlessly over the water or the sense of freedom it provides, it's a fantastic addition to the world of water-based activities. So, if you're looking for a new and adventurous way to experience the wind and waves, wing foiling might be your next great adventure on the water.

This course is an introduction to Wing Foiling. The course is 6 lessons of 1 hour and it is structured very well in order to make it easy to understand and get going in a short time. 

What's included?

- Basic safety
- Setting of the wing
- Wing control on land
- Wing control on big board (sup)
- Steering the board
- Standing up on the board
- Sailing in different directions on the board (taxiing)
- Tacking and Jibing on the board
- Setting up the foil,
- Sailing on board (foil board) with the hydrofoil
- First flights.

Course Specifications.

Lesson 1
1 hour in which we will do basic theory with equipment preparation plus a practical lesson on land on how to control the wing.

Lesson 2
1 hour of practice in the water, safety, balance on the board, maneuvering the wing while standing on the board.

Lesson 3
1 hour practice in the water basic navigation on the board.

Lesson 4:
Sailing upwind, downwind, turns.

Lessons 5 & 6:
2 hours practice on board with the foil, first flights.

 Group Price €300.00 pp Private Price €400.00 pp



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